Fibre Transport & Filter Systems

PCOZ design and supply systems for fibre transport, dust extraction and impurity removal from fibre conveying lines. We have over 30 years' experience in engineering for the textile industry.

Our wide range of products enables us to offer solutions in all areas of textile air and waste handling.

Our portfolio of products includes -

  • Ductwork and ancillary products that ensure efficient product movement 
  • Duct diverters of various designs, both manual and automatic
  • Fans for both product and waste handling
  • Filter systems from simple bag filters to fully automated drum filters and compactors
  • Products for automatic removal of impurities in fibre conveying lines
  • Products for cleaning ductwork

As specialists in air engineering, we are able to design and supply complete systems that allow the various textile processes to function efficiently and correctly.

Our design expertise ensures that the correct system is designed from the outset, using proven principles and rules that provide long service, trouble free systems.

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