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PCOZ is the new worldwide brand name for the company formerly known as Pneumatic Conveyors (Australasia) Pty Ltd. The new brand name is intended to move the company onto the worldwide stage and promote a more diversified portfolio of services.

PCOZ is owned and managed by Nigel Mear, former Technical Director of Pneumatic Conveyors (Huddersfield) Ltd, UK.

Since 2003 Nigel has been operating in Melbourne, Australia and has established his new company as a leading supplier of fibre opening and blending machinery in the Australasian region.

The name PCOZ recognises the Australian roots of this relatively new company and seeks to build on the reputation gained from Nigel's previous experiences and successes with Pneumatic Conveyors (Huddersfield)Ltd.

Pneumatic Conveyors (Huddersfield) Ltd was formed in 1956 by Mr. Arnold Lucas with the backing of a local woollen yarn spinner. The following decades saw the company pioneer the automation of fibre opening and blending lines in the UK. By the mid 1980's the ownership of the company had passed to Mr. Peter and Paul Lucas, sons of the founder, and the business had grown to a point whereby they were exporting globally from the USA to the USSR, Middle East to Australasia.

The company was known for it rugged and robust designs which were essential in ensuring long term reliability and durability.

PCOZ Pty Ltd has taken the core values of this former company and used them as the foundation for its new and dynamic product range. In a world of cost cutting and value engineering, we remain committed to producing high quality machinery and systems backed by the highest standards of service and support for each and every one of our customers.

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