PCOZ supply a range of fibre opening and blending machinery and systems suitable for processing both natural and synthetic fibres.

Even though each plant is unique, there are 2 core concepts for all fibre blending systems -

  • Component dependent systems - fixed at the design stage to the maximum number of components that may be blended
  • Batch blending systems - allow intimate blending of components regardless of the number of components

Once the choice of core blending system is made, there are then many considerations to take into account before a final plant design is established. Major factors that will influence system design are -

  • End product
  • Type of fibres to be processed
  • Plant output capacity
  • Degree of automation required
  • Downstream processing machinery

Our diverse product range, along with our experience gained over 30 years, allow us to specify the ideal solution based on consultation with each client.

Component Dependent Blending System

This type of blending system is defined by the maximum number of components to be mixed and as a rule has an individual machine to proportion each fibre at the start of the process, prior to further downstream processing.

Component Dependant Blending Line

The blend components, usually in bale form, are individually proportioned using Bale Opener Hopper Feeds. These machines can be fitted with loadcell weighpans or volumetric chutes with continuous weigh belts, to dispense the correct amount of fibre into the blend process.

Fibres would normally be collected by a transverse conveyor and fed to a Pre-Opener to complete this initial stage of the process. Following initial proportioning and opening, fibres may be delivered to the next stage of the production process or further refined by other machinery within the blending system.

Batch Blending System

In this type of system the blend components are pre-weighed prior to processing. The components are input via a Bale Digester and broken down using an opening machine, before delivering into fibre storage bins where the mixing process occurs.

The use of blending bins and Bin Emptiers or Automix units allows a horizontal layering and vertical slicing operation to take place. This layering and slicing process within the blend bins may happen more than once, to ensure all components are intimately mixed.

At the final stage of the plant the components may be further refined by a second opening machine, and lubricant can be added before delivery to the next stage of the process, which might be a bale press or fibre storage bins.

Bin Emptier